Vizsla Dog Breed Information

Vizsla Quick Facts
Breed Group: Hunting dog
Origen: Hungary
Nickname: Hungarian Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Magyar Vizsla
Weight: 45-65 lbs
Height: 21-24 inches
Color(s): Golden rust in varying shades

Vizsla Appearance

The Vizsla is a medium sized dog, with an alert, intelligent expression. Their strong body is slightly longer than it is tall. They are lean dogs, have defined muscles, and have similar physical characteristics with the Weimaraner. The head is lean with moderate stop. The eye color usually blends with their coat color.

The long ears are silky thin, hanging down close to the cheeks with rounded tips. The nose will always have a reddish color that blends with the coat color. They have the energy to range all day. The Vizsla has a short and smooth coat. The Golden rust color is the hallmark of the breed. The weight of the Vizsla is around 45-65 pounds and the height is around 21-24 inches.

Vizsla Temperament

The Vizsla is a loyal and affectionate dog that needs family interaction. They are intelligent, eager to learn and possess an above-average ability to take training. The Vizsla is an active breed with lots of stamina and needs strenuous exercise every day.

Itís important to keep them occupied in order for them to feel physically and mentally happy. The Vizsla is generally not a difficult breed to teach because they like to please their owner. Most Vizslas like to retrieve and loves water.

Is Vizsla the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Vizsla is not recommended for apartment life. It is moderately active indoors and does best with at least an average-sized yard. These are adaptable dogs, and are well suited to both experienced and inexperienced owners. They are reliable with children and generally good with other dogs.

The Vizsla is a hunting dog and may be good with cats when they are raised with, but should not be trusted with small pets and animals. The Vizsla is totally unsuited to being kept outside, since unlike most other breeds, it does not have an undercoat making them very susceptible to cold weather. Vizslas tend to chew.

Vizsla Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Vizsla is around 12-15 years.

Vizsla Health problems

The Vizsla is a relatively healthy breed. The major concerns associated with them are Canine Epilepsy. They can also be prone to hypothyroidism, skin and food allergies, CHD (Canine hip dysplasia) and dwarfism.

Vizsla Care and Grooming

The Vizsla is a low maintenance dog. You can simply brush his coat occasionally to keep it smooth and in good condition. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe in mild soap only when necessary. They are self-cleaning dogs and donít need to be bathed as much.

Vizsla Shedding

The Vizsla is a medium shedder, and therefore may not the best suited for those with allergies.