Saluki Dog Breed Information

Saluki Quick Facts
Breed Group: Hound
Origen: Iran
Nickname: Saluki
Weight: 35-65 lbs
Height: 17-28 inches
Color(s): White, cream, fawn, golden, red, grizzle, black and tan, tricolor, or any of these on a white background

Saluki Appearance

The Saluki is a medium-sized slim breed, greyhound-like dog. It is considered the most ancient breed of domestic dogs. The overall appearance of the Saluki is one of grace and symmetry. The eyes are large and oval in size. The long, mobile ears are hanging down close to the head and the nose is black or liver in color. The long tail is carried low, and well feathered with hair. The Saluki's strength lies in its great endurance and stamina. They can run at 35 mph. Many peoples that are not familiar with the breed could assume that they are not been fed properly but the reality is that this breed tend to be picky eaters.

The Saluki coat is smooth and silky. The most common colors are white, cream, fawn, golden, red, grizzle, black and tan, tricolor, or any of these on a white background. The weight of the Saluki is around 35-65 pounds; and the height is around 17-28 inches.

Saluki Temperament

The Saluki is gentle, sociable, calm and extremely loyal. They are independent dogs with mind of their own. He is widely admired for its beauty, speed and endurance. The Saluki tends to be unfriendly and reserved with strangers. He is extremely devoted to its family, and gentle with children. They usually enjoy the company of other dogs and can do well with cats, especially if they grow up with them. They learn quickly but can get bored with repetition. They don't like to be left alone for long period of time. If they feel lonely or stressed, they may howl and bay, but in general, the breed does not bark unnecessarily.

Is Saluki the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Saluki loves to romp around enjoying vigorous exercise outside. The breed will instinctively run after anything that moves, so they must be kept on leash or in a fenced area during their daily exercise. But be aware that they can jump over a 5' fence, and they are also skilled diggers. They will pay no attention to their handler's calls if they are chasing something. The Saluki is not recommended for apartment life. They are relatively inactive indoors and will do best with acreage. This breed is best suited to sleep indoors. They can play in the snow and cold weather but prefer warm temperatures over cold ones.

Saluki Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Saluki is around 13-16 years.

Saluki Health problems

There is a number of health problems associated with this breed. The major concerns are hemangiosarcoma. They are also prone to hypothyroidism, some genetic eye diseases and cancer. Like most sighthounds, they are intolerant of barbiturate anesthetics.

Saluki Care and Grooming

The Saluki smooth coat is odor free and relatively easy to groom; and need only occasional brushing to remove dead hair. Brush with a firm bristle brush twice a week to prevent matting and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe in mild soap only when necessary. The ears should be checked regularly to make sure they are clean.

Saluki Shedding

The Saluki is an average shedder, and therefore is not well suited to allergy sufferers.