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Welcome to our Mixed Breeds Dog Section!

Because we like all kind of dogs, we would like to dedicate a section of our site to mixed breeds.

A little bit about Mixed-bred Dogs

The offspring of purebred dogs all look similar on the outside, and have comparable personalities and temperaments. You can't say that about mixed-breed dogs. No two are the same, even those from the same litter. Although their environment has a lot of impact on their future behavior, they still have precise genetic codes that are hard to decipher.

Mixed-breed dogs, in particular so called "designer dogs" have recently experienced a surge in popularity. Though actually hybrids (the offspring of two purebreds) designer dogs are very costly, because they are in short supply and extremely desired.

What is a mixed-breed dog?

A Mixed-breed dog is one who has been conceived by two different purebred or mixed-breed dogs. The parentage of many mixed-breed dogs is unknown, because the breeding wasn't premeditated. Two unsterilized dogs crossed path when female was in heat, and the rest is history.

Mixed-breed dogs are alternatively called mutts or mongrels. No matter what they've been called, they aren't the sought-after purebred dog that people pay a lot of money to buy.

Mixed breeds aren't accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and cannot compete in AKC-sanctioned shows. They are often frowned upon by purebred dog enthusiasts, who see mixed breeds as a dilution of the breed.

Nevertheless, in recent years, mixed-breed dogs have become more trendy. Not only are there now official clubs and events for mixed-breed dogs, but the AKC has permitted them to participate in its Canine Good Citizen certification tests. They are being put to work as service dogs, therapy dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs.

How Mixed-Breed Dogs come to be?

The story of mixed-breed dogs is often a depressing one. Many people see them as a lower kind of animal with no heritage and an unknown outlook. They overpopulate animal shelters and humane societies. They roam the streets in cities, suburbs and rural areas, menacing wildlife and small pets. In their search for food, they raid garbage cans and alleyways. If captured by animal control, few are claimed, and most are put to sleep.

Hardly ever does breeding of mixed-breed dogs happen purposely. Though unintentional, many mixed-breed dogs can still bring joy and love to your life. Don't Judge the dog on how he came to be, or where he was found instead, consider how happy and satisfying a future shared with that mixed-breed dog can be!

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