Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Information

Italian Greyhound Quick Facts
Italian Greyhound
Breed Group: Toy
Origen: Italy
Nickname: Piccolo
Weight: 7-14 lbs
Height: 13-15 inches
Color(s): Any color but brindle or black and tan

Italian Greyhound Appearance

The Italian Greyhound is extremely slender and barely over a foot tall resembling a miniature of the classic Greyhound. The head is long and narrow, with a long tapering muzzle. His eyes are dark and the ears are small and folded. His bones are fine and fairly easy to break. His muscles can be quite impressive. Their gait is distinctive and should be high stepping and free. The chest is deep and narrow. His tail is long, fine and tapering. The Italian Greyhound is build for speed.

They are able to run at top speed with a double suspension gallop, and can achieve a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour (40 km/h). The coat is fine and short. The colors frequently seen are: gray, slate gray, red, fawn, blue, black, white or cream. The weight of the Italian Greyhound is around 7-14 pounds; and the height around 13-15 inches.

Italian Greyhound Temperament

The Italian Greyhound is an elegant ancient breed; they tend to pose like an elegant porcelain statue. They are sweet natured, gentle and quiet. It embodies the same qualities that enable the full sized Greyhound; fast, active, intelligent and obedient.

The Italian Greyhound has a very amiable and friendly disposition, but some can lean towards timidity, which makes early socialization important. The yard must have a high fence as they are excellent jumpers. They love to be stroked and demand lot of affection and physical attention. They could be stubborn sometimes, and many refuse to go outside in the cold or rain.

Is Italian Greyhound the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Italian Greyhound is an active breed that loves to run and chase. He needs a daily exercise and loves to stretch out and run in a fence area. The breed is equally well at home in the city or the country, although they tend to do best in spacious areas. They do best in a quiet household.

This breed cannot live outdoors; they cannot tolerate cold weather. The Italian Greyhound is generally easy to train and prefers to spend most of his time with his owner. It is devoted to its family and good with children, but do not let them to treat the dog as a toy as they are fragile and can be easily injured. He gets alone well with other dogs and cats. They are cautious and vigilant with strangers and only show affection to the people they truly like.

Italian Greyhound Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Italian Greyhound is around 12-15 years.

Italian Greyhound Health problems

The Italian Greyhound major concerns are periodontal disease that could let to gum recession, early tooth loss, bad tooth enamel. They are also prone to Epilepsy, Cataracts, Hypothyroidism, slipped stifle, leg fractures, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and Patellar luxation. Leg fractures are common in adolescent. They are very sensitive to anesthetics, vaccines and chemicals and should never be casually medicated.

Italian Greyhound Care and Grooming

The Italian Greyhound is one of the easiest dogs to groom. Their soft and glossy coat requires only and occasional quick brushing. Use dry shampoo occasionally and bathe only when necessary. After bathing make sure the dog is thoroughly dry and warm. Trim toenails regularly. The teeth should be also checked regularly because the tartar is prevalent with this breed. His skin is remarkably thin; he needs a sweater in a cold weather and soft blankets for sleeping.

Italian Greyhound Shedding

The Italian Greyhound shed little to no hair and therefore may be suited for allergy suffers.