Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breed Information

Greater Swiss Mountain Quick Facts
Greater Swiss Mountain
Breed Group: Working
Origen: Switzerland
Nickname: Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Weight: 85-140 lbs
Height: 23-28 inches
Color(s): Black and rust, with white feet, chest, tail tip, muzzle, blaze, and possibly collar; rust color present on legs between white and black.

Greater Swiss Mountain Appearance

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large muscular dog, with incredible physical strength and gentle expression. Their body is slightly longer than tall. The head is large with strong muzzle. The eyes are almond shape and dark brown in color. The ears are drop, medium size and triangular in shape. The tail is long, thicker at the base and tapering to a point.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has double coat. The outer coat is short and dense. The undercoat is thick. The most common colors can be Black, with white and rust marking but they can also come in other combinations of colors. The weight of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is around 85-140 pounds and the height is around 23-28 inches.

Greater Swiss Mountain Temperament

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is friendly, easygoing, affectionate and loyal to its owner. They are smart, easy to learn and need a job to do to keep them happy. The Greater Swiss Mountain is a great watchdog. They are alert and vigilant of their surrounding and will let you know if anything is not right. They are great with children and get alone well with other household pets but sometime could be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. Early socialization and training will be important due to its size.

Is Greater Swiss Mountain the Right Dog Breed for You?

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs need a moderate amount of exercise and will do fine in an apartment without a yard if enough exercise is provided. Their needs could be made with a moderate walk on leash or a vigorous game in a safe area. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog thrives on human communication and must be with their family as much as possible. They have a tough personality and needs a master with strong leadership skills.

Greater Swiss Mountain Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is around 10-11 years.

Greater Swiss Mountain Health problems

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a relatively healthy breed. The major concerns associated with them are Epilepsy, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, UI (Urinary incontinence) and Bloat (Gastric Torsion). To avoid gastric torsion is good to feed them small amounts of food two or three times a day rater than one big portion.

Greater Swiss Mountain Care and Grooming

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog requires regular grooming with a stiff bristle brush to remove loose hair and prevent matting. Use dry shampoo occasionally and bathe in mild soap only when necessary. Over bathing or frequent bathing your dog will strip the oils from the coat and may cause severe skin irritations and possible allergy type reactions. Their ears should be check at least ones a week to avoid infections. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog generally does not handle heat well. Itís important to avoid over heat exposures.

Greater Swiss Mountain Shedding

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an average shedder; you'll find hair stuck to your furniture, carpets, outfit and everything else in your home, therefore is not well suited for those with allergies.