German Wirehaired Pointer Dog Breed Information

German Wirehaired Pointer Quick Facts
German Wirehaired Pointer
Breed Group: Sporting
Origen: Germany
Nickname: Deutsch Drahthaar, Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund, Drahthaar
Weight: 45-75 lbs
Height: 22-26 inches
Color(s): Liver and white, with ears and head solid liver, sometimes with a white blaze.

German Wirehaired Pointer Appearance

The German wirehaired pointer is a well muscled, medium sized dog with distinctive appearance. He is a sturdily built hunter and can be hunting and running all day. They are slightly longer than tall. The skull is broad with a moderate stop. Their eyes are oval with medium length eyebrows. The ears are rounded, hanging close to the head. The tail is docket to about two fifths of the original length. The breedís most distinguishing characteristics are its weather resistant, wire-like coat and its facial furnishings.

The German wirehaired pointer coat has an undercoat that is dense in the winter and thin in the summer. The colors are liver or combination of liver and white. The weight of the German wirehaired pointer is around 45-75 pounds and the height is around 22-26 inches.

German Wirehaired Pointer Temperament

The German wirehaired pointer is very active, smart, eager to learn and loyal to their family. It is a responsive breed although it tends to be stubborn and need a handler with a consistent in approach. He tends to be aloof, even protective towards strangers as well as other unknown dogs. They make good watchdogs and with proper leadership they will get along well with other dogs and household animals. He is a smart partner and ideal for the outdoor oriented family. This dog has a good nose and can track, point, and retrieve on both land and water.

Is German Wirehaired Pointer the Right Dog Breed for You?

The German wirehaired pointer is not recommended for apartment life and will do best with at least an average-sized yard. This dog is extremely energetic, tireless and need a job to do. It is very important that it gets daily vigorous exercise to prevent them from becoming high-strung with extreme indoor restlessness. The German wirehaired pointer thrives on human companion and does best as a house dog with access to the outdoors. They are excellent jogging companions and love to swim and retrieve.†

German Wirehaired Pointer Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the German wirehaired Pointer is around 12-14 years.

German Wirehaired Pointer Health problems

The German wirehaired Pointer is a relatively healthy breed. The major concerns associated with them are CHD (Canine hip dysplasia), elbow dysplasia, heart disease, entropion, gastric torsion, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, ear infections, genetic eye disease and skin cancers. The German wirehaired pointer high levels of activity require the breed to drink considerable amounts of water to prevent dehydration. Early symptoms of dehydration show itself as thick†saliva†and†urine†with an excessively strong and distinct smell.

German Wirehaired Pointer Care and Grooming

The German wirehaired pointer harsh coat is relatively easy to groom. Brush them twice a week with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe in mild soap only when necessary. Over bathing or frequent bathing you will strip the oils from the coat and may cause severe skin irritations and possible allergy type reactions. Some minimal hand stripping may occasionally be needed to maintain a sleek outline.

German Wirehaired Pointer Shedding

The German wirehaired pointer is a low shedder; therefore may be suited for those with allergies.