German Pinscher Dog Breed Information

German Pinscher Quick Facts
German Pinscher
Breed Group: Working
Origen: Germany
Nickname: Deutscher Pinscher
Weight: 25-35 lbs
Height: 17-20 inches
Color(s): Fawn, red, black and blues with red/tan markings

German Pinscher Appearance

The German pinscher is a medium size dog, robust and elegant in appearance with a strong square build, moderate body structure, muscular and powerful for endurance and agility. The head is shaped like a blunt wedge. The muzzle is the same length as the top of the skull.

His dark eyes are oval shape and his ears are high set, they may be cropped or left naturally folded. His tail is docked. He can hunt all day long. The strong, smooth, glossy coat comes in fawn, red, black and blues with red/tan markings. The height of the German pinscher is around 17-20 inches, and the weight 25-35 pounds.

German Pinscher Temperament

The German pinscher is energetic, watchful, agile, strong willed, fearless and determined. He is extremely smart and owners who know how to lead will find him extremely trainable. Early socialization is required if he is going to be with other dogs and other house pets.

Obedience training should consist of reward based methods, because he is sensitive and proud and doesn’t tolerate teasing or jerking around. It is highly territorial and alert, very loyal to his master and takes his watchdog role very seriously. He has fearless courage and tenacity if threatened. Sometime excessive barking can be a problem.

Is German Pinscher the Right Dog Breed for You?

The German pinscher is a high energy breed dog that is easily bored and frustrated if not given a way to stimulate it mind and exercise its body. They enjoy activities with their owners and require daily exercise. The German pinschers possess a natural instinct to hunt vermin and protect home and family.

Their smaller size makes them suitable for city or country life, but they enjoy having a yard in which to run. They should have a tight fenced in yard. This breed will run off chasing anything that moves quickly. The German pinscher likes to be in the thick of things and do not appreciate being left outside alone or relegated to a kennel. They are devoted to their family.

German Pinscher Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the German pinscher is around 12-15 years

German Pinscher Health problems

The German pinscher is a relatively healthy breed and had no major concerns. Occasionally seen Hereditary Cataracts, heart diseases and hip Displasia

German Pinscher Care and Grooming

The German pinscher short, dense coat requires only an occasional quick brushing. Brushing them weekly or simply rubbing them down with a wet towel is all they normally require. Dry shampoo regularly, and bathe only when necessary.

German Pinscher Shedding

The German pinschers are low shedding, and this makes them ideal for those with allergies.