Field Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Field Spaniel Quick Facts
Field Spaniel
Breed Group: Sporting
Origen: England
Nickname: 35-50 lbs
Weight: 17-18 inches
Height: 17-18 inches
Color(s): Black, liver, roan, or any of these with tan points

Field Spaniel Appearance

The Field Spaniel is a medium size dog that is longer than it is tall. The Field Spaniel is a combination of beauty and helpfulness. It is a well balanced, important hunter-companion, built for activity and endurance in a heavy cover, water muscled and well built dog with kindly appearance. The muzzle is strong, long and lean, with a moderate, but well defined stop.

The medium sized eyes are almond shape and the ears are set low and moderately long and wide. The neck is strong and muscular. The tail is set low and is either docked or left natural. Its long, silky coat is shiny, water resistant and comes in solid colors. The most usual colors include black, liver, roan, or any of these with tan points. The weight of the Field Spaniel is around 35-50 pounds; and the height around 17-18 inches.

Field Spaniel Temperament

The Field Spaniel is gentle, affectionate and intelligent. They are friendly with everyone and very patient with children. He is good and docile with other pets and animal. However, they are naturally cautious of strangers making them an excellent watchdog. It can be just a little bit stubborn and playful sometimes but is very calm indoors.

They have a tendency to become devoted to one member of the family and ignore the others. Field Spaniels are happiest when they have a job to do. They are quick to learn and react very strongly to the tone of your voice.

Is Field Spaniel the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Field Spaniel is and excellent family companion as long as it is given regular exercise. Its needs can be met with daily long walks on a leash. The Field Spaniel is a very social breed that can adapt to almost any lifestyle but is not recommended for apartment life.

They are moderately active indoors and do best with at least a large yard. He loves to run and explore but because of his hunting instincts it is essential to have a good fence surrounding your property, as otherwise they are likely to take off if something interesting them.

Field Spaniel Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Field Spaniel is around 12-14 years.

Field Spaniel Health problems

The Field Spaniel is relatively healthy. There is some concern associated with this breed including CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). They are also prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections, hypothyroidism, cataracts, patellar luxation and seizures.

Field Spaniel Care and Grooming

The Fields Spaniel carry fewer coats than the other spaniel breeds and requires little grooming. The Field Spaniel coat needs brushing and combing once or twice a week. Ears should be check, clip and cleaned regularly to avoid infections. Use dry shampoo occasionally and bathe only when necessary.

Field Spaniel Shedding

The Field Spaniel is a medium shedder, therefore, is not well suited to allergy sufferers.