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          1. About Us

            Established in 2000, Sunels is an international business consultation company that provides service in the area of China-US exchanges, professional development training, and large exhibitions management.


            Copyright ? 2017-2100 舒納斯Sunels  


            US Headquarter:Tel: 1-973-917-3005  /  Email:usoffice@sunels.com

            Beijing Branch:Tel: +86(10)5823-6355  /  Email: bjoffice@sunels.com

            Chengdu Branch: Tel: +86(28)8653-0702  /  Email: cdoffice@sunels.com

            Pidu Branch: Tel: +86(028)6183-2927  /  Email: stccpark@sunels.com

            Nantong Branch: Tel: +86(513)8909-1128  /  Email: ntoffice@sunels.com

            Copyright ? 2017-2100 舒納斯Sunels  

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