Bullmastiff Dog Breed Information

Bullmastiff Quick Facts
Breed Group: Working
Origen: England
Nickname: Bullmastiff
Weight: 100-130 lbs
Height: 22-26 inches
Color(s): Red, fawn, or brindle

Bullmastiff Appearance

The Bullmastiff is a huge dog with a muscular build. His V shape ears are carried close to cheeks and his tail is set high. He had a broad muzzle. Its gait is smooth and powerful. Their eyes are dark and medium size. His Nose is black, with nostrils large and broad.

The skull is Large, with a fair amount of wrinkle when alert. The Bullmastiff coat is short and the colors are red, fawn, or brindle, always with darker muzzle and ears. The weight of the Bullmastiff is around 100-130 pounds; and the height around 22-26 inches.

Bullmastiff Temperament

The Bullmastiff is gentle and quiet, a devoted companion and guardian. They are very athletic and muscular, making them incredibly fast and alert. The dog combines the reliability, intelligence, and willingness to please require in a dependable family companion and protector.

It is not easily roused, but ones threatened is fearless. It is stubborn and can not easily be goaded into action against its will. Some can be aggressive toward strange dogs. It is common for males not to get along with other males. The Bullmastiff can get along extremely well with children when the dog has been properly trained and socialized. Early socialization and obedience training is very important.

Is Bullmastiff the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Bullmastiffs have a tendency to become lazy, so frequent exercise is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Bullmastiff is extremely powerful and needs a firm master. They will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is relatively inactive indoors and a small yard will be fine. Its needs are moderate and can be met with walks on leash and short romps.

It does not do well in hot, humid weather and generally should be kept as an indoor dog. He tends to drool, slobber and snore sometimes. A Bullmastiff is courageous, extremely loyal to its family, calm, and loving.

Bullmastiff Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Bullmastiff is around 8-10 years.

Bullmastiff Health problems

The Bullmastiff major concerns are gastric torsion, CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) and elbow and hip dysplasia, cancer, tumors and eyelid problems. Some other concerns are entropion, hemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, cardiomyopathy and hypothyroidism. It is a good idea to feed them two or three small meals a day instead of one large meal. Do not over feed them as this breed gains weight easily.

Bullmastiff Care and Grooming

The short-haired, slightly rough coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm brush. Use dry shampoo occasionally and bathe only when necessary. The feet of this breed should be regularly checked and their nails should be kept trimmed.

Bullmastiff Shedding

The Bullmastiff shed little to no hair, and may prove suitable for some allergy sufferers.