Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Information

Black Russian Terrier Quick Facts
Black Russian Terrier
Breed Group: Working
Origen: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Nickname: BRT
Weight: 80-160 lbs
Height: 25-30 inches
Color(s): Black, black with some gray hair

Black Russian Terrier Appearance

The Black Russian Terrier is a large powerful dog, that gives the impression of great strength, athleticism, and audacity. The Black Russian Terrier has a strong, powerful, and well coordinated gait. They are also known to have a strong nervous system. The neck should be muscular, thick, and powerful. It is also important that the length of the body is in direct proportion to the height at the withers. This gives the dog a square look. The Black Russian Terrier had a powerful head and dark oval eyes. The ears are triangular in shape with a rounded apex. Cropped ears are not acceptable. The tail is to be cropped and set high.

The Black Russian Terrier has a double weatherproof coat. They also grows eyebrows and a beard. The outer coat is hard, wiry, and tight. The most common colors are Black, or black with some gray hair. The weight of the Black Russian Terrier is around 80-160 pounds and the height is around 25-30 inches.

Black Russian Terrier Temperament

The Black Russian Terrier is calm, intelligent, confident and courageous. He is a good watchdog, and doesn't usually bark unless there's a reason. The Black Russian Terrier was initially bred to guard and protect; he will instantly become defensive if a dangerous situations arise. He is alert, responsive, and fearless. He is very attached to its family. They are wonderful with children and love to play with them. They are reserved with strangers. The Black Russian Terrier does not typically have troubles getting along with other animals. However, they are a dominant dog and therefore should not live in a household with another large dominant dog. With proper socialization and training, he can be an excellent companion.

Is Black Russian Terrier the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Black Russian Terrier is an active dog that needs lots exercise. This is large-boned and well muscle dogs that are capable of pulling heavy loads and perform duties as a reliable guardian and military dog. They need a social interaction as well as mental and physical exercise. The Black Russian Terrier will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. His needs could be met with a long walk on leash or a vigorous game in a safe area. This breed does not do well living in a kennel; they must have close human contact to be happy.

Black Russian Terrier Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Black Russian Terrier is around 10-11 years.

Black Russian Terrier Health problems

The Black Russian Terrier is a relatively healthy breed. The major concern associate with them is CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). They can also be prone to otitis externa, elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). As with all breeds the Black Russian Terrier will need regular vaccinations, worming, flea and tick treatment to keep him healthy

Black Russian Terrier Care and Grooming

The Black Russian Terrier doesn’t require some grooming due to its long and thick coat. . You can brush his coat one or twice a week to keep it in good condition. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe in mild soap only when necessary. Over bathing or frequent bathing your dog will strip the oils from the coat and may cause severe skin irritations and possible allergy type reactions. Clean and check their ears regularly to avoid infections.

Black Russian Terrier Shedding

The Black Russian Terrier sheds little to no hair, therefore may be suited for those with allergies.