Basenji Dog Breed Information

Basenji Quick Facts
Breed Group:

Origen: Central Africa
Nickname: Congo Dog
Weight: 22-24 lbs.
Height: 16-17 inches
Color(s): Pure black, copper, red, chestnut red, or tricolor in combinations of black, tan and white, or black, brindle and white.

Basenji Appearance

Basenji is small in size, handsome and athletically built dog, short-haired with erect ears, a tightly curled tail, a graceful neck, and almond-shaped dark eyes. Some people consider their appearance similar to that of a miniature deer. Dogs typically weigh 24 pounds (11 kg) and the height is around 16 inches (40.6 cm). The basenji is an athletic dog and is deceptively powerful for its size. The Basenji does not bark, but rather makes a yodel noise. They also howl, growl and crow, depending on the dog's mood.

Basenji Temperament

Very intelligent and affectionate, curious and reserved with strangers, can become emotionally attached to a single human. The Basenji has a playful disposition, is very intelligent, responds well to training with a strong desire to please, energetic, alert, it can be described as speedy, frisky, untiring at play, it can jump over six feet vertically too.

The Basenji has the unique properties of not barking but they make other sounds including plenty of whining. They like to chew, so give them lots of toys would be a good idea, especially if you are planning to leave this dog alone for any period of time. The breed is not always suited to younger children that may tease it, and should only be housed with other pets if he has been appropriately socialized. The Basenji can be cautious in nature have a dominant streak too, and can be manipulative sometimes, when he will assume the role of pack leader and behavior problems will arise, and is therefore best suited to more experienced dog owners.

Is Basenji the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Basenji is known for his habits and being full of play and activity. Because he often worked out of sight of hunters, he can tend to be independent and aloof and prefers to meet strangers on his own terms.

Basenji Mortality

With a healthy lifestyle and no life-threatening illness or disease, the Basenji can average around ten to twelve years in age.

Basenji Health problems

The Basenji is at increased risk from kidney problems, it must be treated the moment the symptoms are noticed. Also, they are susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy, intestinal, and eye problems, and intestinal issues.

Basenji Care and Grooming

The Basenji has been known to scavenge any food left unattended. This breed is also prone to weight gain and laziness if the diet is not properly monitored. Grooming and maintenance is minimal due to his short coat, lacks the typical "doggy" odor, and a simple brush of the coat will keep him looking healthy and glossy. Basenji likes to clean itself in the same manner as a cat, and is a very clean and hygienic.

Basenji Shedding

Because the Basenji does not shed much at all, it makes the perfect pet for allergy sufferers.